Shop Temporary Closed

If you came to my site to shop and find this section empty, fear not! It will return later this year. In the meantime, I am pressing pause.

Between part time work and homeschooling my young daughter full time, my days are getting quite full. My family has many nature adventures planned for the spring and summer, which will provide me with an abundance of reference material when I have the opportunity for more studio time.

The pandemic has played a significant role in reshaping my life — as it has for many. I am doing my best to go with the flow, though I often struggle with the choices and circumstances forced onto myself and so many people during these past years. Despite this struggle, I feel that I have been give a gift: more time with my child, watching her learn and grow. I am watching her fall in love with the natural world through our adventures and her curiosity. This is time I would not likely have taken if March 2020 had come and gone like any other month.

If you want to vicariously join me on our adventures this year, please follow me on Instagram (@Luce.Ends.Design). I will post photographs from our hikes, camping trips, and nature excursions — and art whenever the opportunity presents itself.