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When Katie Nolan began writing and posting haiku poetry every day on social media in late March, 2020, she didn’t expect to collect hundreds of poems and to still be writing months later. But, as the COVID-19 pandemic has stretched on, Katie finds there is still a lot to say about the experience unfolding in our communities. 


Having started out with the intention to post one poem per day for the duration of the pandemic, she is coming to the realization that the project’s end could be many months, or even years away. Since many of her readers have been asking for a printed collection, Katie is publishing the first volume this month.

“Haiku emerged early on as a manageable way to journal the pandemic, and connect with people while I tried to process what was happening to us,” says Katie. “As a society, our lifestyle changed overnight, and there is so much to observe about that.” 

The poems have also helped keep connections alive in a time of isolation. “I’ve been surprised at what my readers respond to, and how they interpret the poems. Their favourites aren’t necessarily my favourites, but seeing that range of responses has been a good way of keeping conversation going, leading with our curiosity.”

In the first collection of over 230 poems, themes of loneliness, disbelief, reconnection with nature, and fundamental fears about society, appear.  Some poems read as a conversation between the SARS-CoV-19 virus and human beings. 

A collaboration with designer and illustrator Meredith Luce, the first volume features Luce’s evocative linocut illustrations to highlight the experiences of 2020.

The book, titled:

COVID pandemic 
In seventeen syllables
The first collection 

is now available in eBook format >> ORDER A COPY


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